Eric Ford Consulting
Data Backed Websites, Applications & Apps

In order of impressiveness :)

Apple Computer: 10 years as a Software Engineer

Hewlett Packard: Various consulting projects over a 16 year period

Arthur Andersen: Multimedia CD

Sun Microsystems: Worldwide Financial Forecasting app

Autodesk: Worldwide Financial Forecasting app

Berkeley Training Associates: Social Work Practice Exams

Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services: Grant Application Processing and Reporting

U1 Consulting: Various Stock Market Java Server Projects

Good Meets: Group Dating Website

RealTouch: Streaming Video/Hardware Synchronization Prototype

Zillions of Games: Chess Programming, Other Games

Power TV: Set-Top Box Control App Prototype (before they were commonplace)

Wellness FX: Longevity Planning

SatisfactionWorks: Nurse Retention Surveys

LiveItSmarter: Family Management

Side Projects: Multiplayer Chess Games mixed with Dungeons and Dragons Variants, FORTH Interpreters

Other Clients
My old resume (forgive the strange formatting, see why I made a new one?)