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Practice Exams (2007 - 2013)

My first Rails app. I revisited it 6 years later to refactor it and port it to heroku. You can take a sample exam without paying for an account. Paid accounts have access to 8 products. Each product has 4 - 8 exams consisting of 170 - 200 questions. Users can create random exams, and also random exams based on categories. There is also a set of admin screens.

- Certification Exam Simulator for social workers
- Client: Berkeley Training Associates
- Tools: Rails 3.2, Devise, Active Admin, jQuery, Heroku, Engine Yard
- Status: requires purchase

- Test Instructions: Click a product in the list on the left, then take a Sample Exam
- URL:

Post Tests (2012, 2013)

Continuing education test. Clients order hardcopy, then study, then log in to take a short quiz and print out a certificate for continuing education credits. There are also an evaluation form and a set of admin screens.

- Continuing education exams for social workers
- Client: Berkeley Training Associates
- Tools: Rails 3.2, Devise, Active Admin, jQuery
- Status: requires purchase

- Test Login Instructions: email: password: testing
- URL:

Grant Applications (2012, 2013)

Grant Applicants fill out information to apply for mental health grants. I used jQuery to create some complex navigation and validations. There is also a set of admin screens. I worked with Kring Design on this.

- Application processing for mental health grants
- Client: Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services
- Tools: Rails 3.1, Devise, jQuery
- Status: Application period over, No new signups until next year

- Test Login Instructions: username: Braz password: poogie
- URL:

Continuous Integration Cloud Server (2012)

This was mostly configuring Ubuntu in an Amazon ec2 instance, and installing many packages. Jenkins would just run tests via rake.

- Detect changes to Git repository, clone, run bundle install, migrate database, run tests
- Client:
- Tools: Jenkins, Amazon API, ec2, Ubuntu, Solr, Git Plugin
- Status: Delivered
- URL: Private

Firefox Hybridfox Plugin port for HP Openstack (2011 - 2012)

Refactored a fair amount of javascript to expand the open source HybridFox Firefox addon to talk to HP's cloud API. They were planning to compete with Amazon as a cloud provider.

- Modify Hybridfox to handle Openstack
- Client: Hewlett Packard
- Tools: XUL, Javascript, Amazon API, Openstack API
- Status: Delivered

Dream Globally (2010 - 2012)

Learned Objective-C, the iOS API, and Apple's developer tools such as interface builder. When my client decided they wanted a Rails App to go with the iOS app, I turned iOS development over to another developer and built the website. Worked with Mojo Design. Note the iOS app is available in Apple's app store.

- Dream website integrated with iOS app for recording and sharing dreams
- Partner: Timely Tech, Inc.
- Tools: Rails 3.0, Devise, jQuery, mbContainer, Objective-C, Google Maps API
- Status: production

- Test Login Instructions: Create a new account
- URL:

iTunes clone for HP (2011)

- Modify Songbird to work with HP tablets and Palm phones
- Client: Hewlett Packard
- Tools: XUL, Javascript
- Status: Delivered

Family Shopping, Cooking, Health Web App (2008 - 2010)

I spent a couple of years leading a team of developers writing a family application with 6 modules including a recipe -> shopping list integration. I was particularly fond of the picture upload into a tilted frame on a corkboard background. The client has kept this under wraps and never released it so I can't include a URL here. worked with Mojo Design. There was a great deal of artwork.

- Led a team in implementing a large scale web app
- Client: Live It Smarter
- Tools: Rails, YUI Tools, EngineYard
- Status: Seeking Funding, restricted access
- URL: Private

Personal Projects

Jamulator (2012, 2013)

A repository of over 2600 tunes commonly studied by Jazz students and performed at gigs by Jazz musicians. The youtube API is used to play clips. Playlists can be generated based on detailed search criteria. Jam sessions can be organized, and you can compare the repertoires of players and choose the best tunes for a given combo.

CAVEAT: Not yet ready for prime time. The All Tunes page also takes too long to load. It sometimes exceeds the timeout limit. If you reload the page, it should work the second time. The radio station has synchronization issues with the youtube API. I plan to address these optimization problems using either backbone.js or angular.js.

- Jazz repertoire study and jam session tune recommendation engine
- Client: My own side project
- Tools: Rails 3.2, Devise, Active Admin, jQuery, Youtube API
- Status: pre-beta, needs UI overhaul
- URL:

Wounds (2013)

This is in the very beginning stages of development. A game I invented. It's like chess. Pieces have a visual appearance that describes their movement abilities. Under certain conditions, when a capture is attempted, it results in a "wound" where the defender stays on the board, but loses the ability to move in a certain direction. I intend to use Ruby Motion to port this to an iOS app.

CAVEAT: Very primitive prototype. Also being frequently updated, so it can be unstable at times.

- Chess-like game where pieces can get wounded, limiting their movement abilities.
- Client: My own side project
- Tools: Rails 3.2, jQuery, HTML 5 canvas, Ruby Motion
- Status: Just beginning development
- URL:

Good Meets (2010)

A group meet-up website. Option to sign up with Facebook. Invite friends, and friends of friends to group activities. Worked with Mazzarello Media and Arts.

CAVEAT: Not open to the public. The URL takes you to a "Just keep me posted" email list signup page.

- A group dating website
- Client: A side project with a partner
- Tools: Rails jQuery, Facebook API
- Status: Incomplete
- URL:

This Resume (2013)

Written in Rails

Other Projects

My old resume (forgive the strange formatting, see why I made a new one?)