Eric Ford Consulting
Data Backed Websites, Applications & Apps
I've been consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1996. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs vet their ideas and get them up on the web quickly. I believe in iterative development, and in validating products with users every step of the way. I work solo, or build teams which often include graphic designers, junior programmers, and QA staff. My philosophy about user experience is summed up in the book Don't Make Me Think, by Steve Krug. I have a wealth of experience with different software tools and development environments (see Tools and Projects). Before I started consulting I worked for Apple Computer for 10 years.

Preferred Stack

Ruby on Rails 3.2, Postgres, Heroku/Git, Devise, Erb, jQuery, Simple Form, Active Admin

Mac OSX, Textmate, Sqlite

Well Known Clients

Arthur Andersen
Sun Microsystems
Williams Sonoma

Contact Info

Eric Ford
53 Bay Road
Fairfax, CA 94930
(415) 516-3617